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Welcome to Boschkrans!



    Boschkrans strives to become the fruit provider of choice


   Boschkrans aspires to sustainable farming with the minimum disruption of the environment and the optimal utilization of natural resources. We strive to constantly improve our quality, safety of our produce and our technique of production. We aim to utilize advanced technology in order to assist us in the growth of our business to the benefit of our customers and stakeholders.


   The farms are all mapped and precision farming techniques are applied. Fertigation is done according to precision analyses and is based on the Albrecht model. The use of a layer of mulch on the root zone to slowdown transpiration and to increase microbial activity is a standard practise. Water, as one of the limited resources, is used sensibly with the aid of drip irrigation and scheduling is done by induction probes. Pest and weed control are strictly done according to the prescribed recommendations of the accredited agents. Microbes are used to control several deteriorating fungus and bacteria. The uptake of nutrients are enhance by beneficent microbes. The use of the PuriCare system increase root depth and the oxygen in the root profile.  Produce yields are mapped with satellite technology. All produce are packed on the farm according to customers’ requirements. A good financial, budget and recordkeeping system is the backbone of our enterprise.


    Boschkrans aspires to the highest quality of customer service delivered by competent staff, with a sense of warmth, professionalism, individual pride and team spirit. Training of personnel are a priority.  Due to the nature of the farming activities we are very labour intensive with 550 employees currently employed. Boschkrans is proud of our positive labour relations, they are essential to farming activities and all is done to ensure that employees are treated fairly. No child labour is used. A clock system is used with an accredited data wage package to measure employee productivity and piece work. All employees are paid the minimum wage and more according to job specification. We passed the Siza ethical audit with an A grading.


    Boschkrans focuses to produce products of high standing quality, tenability and high nutrition. Produce that taste good is important for us. Quality tests are executed on a regular basis and the aim is to deliver a quality standard exceeding the prescribed minimum. Fruit is also tested regularly for chemical residues. Spraying and fertigation records are kept for every orchard. Global GAP audit is done annually.

About us

    Boschkrans comes from a long line of farmers. The company first started as Vosstoffel which included a branch in the Highveld with maize and cattle produce. As time went by, the founders thought it best to separate the two entities and so Boschkrans was born. We knew that if we wanted to establish a strong brand that we needed to supply the right quality in the right market, always striving to supply the best quality in that market as well. We are now 4th generation farmers with the 5th also growing stronger. We are a family business putting great emphasis on family values, always trying to ensure that we as a family and as a company grow from strength to strength with the best out there. Our greatest asset is our employees, and we try ensure their commitment and happiness in and to the farm by giving back wherever we can. The combination of a family run farm, latest agricultural technology and committed, happy employees we are able to put the best product forward.