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Feb 13, 2018

2018 Seasons

Category: General
Posted by: leo

2017/2018 Grape Season

The season finished on a high note, with grape volumes doubled from the previous season! We would like to congratulate and thank all the Production Managers, Team Leaders, Employees and Packhouse Personnel for their resilient efforts in achieving this goal. We added 32ha of Grapes in 2017 and looking forward to double our total volumes, with that we are also adding another 40ha of Grapes in 2018…

2018 Citrus Season

All indications are there for a great season. The fruit is in optimum condition, the volumes are there, also adding a few new orchards coming into production on the Soft-Citrus side. New additional thirty hectares is being planted this year. Looking forward to the 2018 Citrus season.