• Boschkrans commits itself to responsible use of all chemicals, to minimize the effect of chemicals on the environment by using chemicals that are nature and human friendly.
  • We commit ourselves to spray only if necessary.
  • Where possible Boschkrans will first consider alternative control practices like parasites or biological control. 
    In order to realize the above we make use of:
  • Monitoring systems and management programs to compare the requirements with applications
  • Soil and leaf analyses are made to determine plant requirements
  • Integrated pest control strategies
  • Alternate groups of chemicals to prevent resistance
  • Implement good agricultural practices such as sanitation, pruning, lighthouse management, weed control to support integrated pest control
  • Climate monitoring
  • Management and monitoring of chemical usage
  • Control the storage of chemicals
  • Service and calibrate all application equipment
  • Personnel training
  • The use of accredited agents for recommendations
  • The use of buffer zones to prevent accidental contact with chemicals
  • Regular medical testing of personnel working with chemicals
  • Availability of safety clothing for personnel
  • Enforce safety procedures for handling and accidental spillage of chemicals

Spraying Policy:

Boschkrans undertakes to control, manage and look after the safe storage and use of all chemicals. This is done according to the country's laws and prescribed recommendations on the labels.
In addition we commit to:

  • Recording and documenting of spraying
  • Advice from an accredited agent
  • Safe storage of chemicals and according the prescribed law
  • Mixing according recommendations
  • Regular calibration of spraying equipment
  • Wearing protective clothing
  • Destroying of empty containers
  • Washing of hands after handling of chemicals
  • Prohibiting smoking
  • No pollution of drinking water
  • Spraying in harmony with wildlife and nature
  • Restoring of the environment damaged by chemicals
  • Training of personnel in storage and handling of chemicals
  • Washing of protective clothing
  • Regular audits by external agencies

Fertilizer application policy:

  • Boschkrans commits itself to responsible fertilizer use and according to the country's laws.
  • Where possible Boschkrans will use biological enhancement fungus to promote fertilizer uptake and usage of applied fertilizer.

We commit to:

  • Using qualified and accredited people for recommendations
  • Soil and leaf analyses to determine plant requirements
  • Leaf juice analysis
  • Controlling of soil pH and management of Ca/Mg balances
  • The use of wheat straw to increase the organic content of soil
  • Calibration of application equipment
  • Training of operators
  • Keeping detailed records of applications
  • Controlling of fertilizer stock
  • Safety audits by external agents
  • Organic production where possible
  • The application of micro organisms in the soil