Ethical Trading

Boschkrans acknowledges its workforce as one of its biggest resources.

Employment is freely chosen
Employees are employed by Boschkrans on temporary or permanent contracts.
No forced or involuntary labour will be used and all employment with Boschkrans is freely chosen.
Employees are not required to lodge "deposits" or their identity papers with us and employees are free to leave Boschkrans after a reasonable notice period.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
All employees have the right to join a recognised trade union and to bargain collectively. Boschkrans has an open attitude towards the activities of trade unions.  Union representatives are able to carry out there activities without hindrance.

Are working conditions safe and hygienic?
Working conditions are safe and hygienic. Boschkrans takes adequate measures to prevent accidents and minimize potential hazards. Employees receive regular health and safety training. Employees have unrestricted access to toilet facilities and drinking water. Boschkrans has published a Health & Safety Policy, detailing responsibilities at the manufacturing site.

Child labour will not be used
Child labour will not be used and there shall be no recruitment of child labour.
Youths under the age of 18 will not be employed.

Living wages are paid
Staff pay rates comply with national legal standards as a minimum.
Staff are given written terms and conditions of employment that details the employment relationship between and the respective obligations of the employee and employer, rates of pay, working hours, grievances and disciplinary procedures, holiday entitlement, absence and sick pay rules and notice periods for termination of employment.
No deductions are made from wages as a disciplinary measure, and payslips reflect lawful voluntary deductions.
As a matter of policy, Boschkrans does not make irregular payments.

Working hours are not excessive
Working hours and remuneration is reasonable and comparable to other companies within the industry. Employees are not forced to work in excess of 45 hours per week, and all overtime is voluntary.

No discrimination is practised
There is no discrimination in pay, hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination of employment or retirement on the grounds of race, nationality, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation.
Opportunities for personal and career development are equally available to all employees.

Regular employment is provided
Sub-contracting and fixed term contracts are not used to avoid obligations under labour or national laws.

No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed
No harassment, threats, abuse or intimidation will be practiced.
Physical, verbal and sexual threats, abuse, harassment or intimidation are expressly prohibited.