Hygiene & Nut

Boschkrans guarantee the hygiene of our products. In order to accomplish this, we need to ensure that:

  • All workers wash their hands before entering any work area
  • Sufficient and clean toilet facilities
  • Finger nails are short and clean
  • All workers and visitors are clean and wear safety clothing
  • No make-up, perfume or any jewellery are allowed in the work area
  • All personal belongings are left at home
  • Any cuts or wounds are covered with a plaster
  • No person will be allowed to sit, stand or sleep on any other item in the work area that is not marked for that purpose
  • No glass items are allowed in the work area
  • No eating, drinking or smoking are allowed in the work area
  • Any person with an infectious disease or skin infection is not allowed in the work area

Nut and Nut related products policy
Boschkrans knows that nut or nut related products can be toxic to some consumers and for this reason, we do not allow any nut related products in our pack house.